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VC Tuesday: Mana the Hour


Two legends are out on Japan's Virtual Console today, at least according to their titles (Densetsu translates as legend): the first is definitely legendary by game standards, is one of the best SNES games, and, now that it's out in Japan, may become the target of American and European VC dreams: Seiken Densetsu 2 (Legend of the Holy Sword 2), also known as Secret of Mana, Square's beloved three-player action-RPG.

The second "legend" is, uh, a Fist of the North Star brawler, the sequel to the game we know as Black Belt, and a game which similarly had its license stripped out for American release. There's also a PC Engine shmup from Namco, but you're not paying attention to this paragraph because the one above it mentions Secret of Mana. Really, anything could go here and nobody would notice. You know what I miss? Popples. Not enough toys collapse.

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