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Guildwatch: "Are u a Tauren or a mouse?"

Mike Schramm

The "negotiating a /gkick" drama above was probably the most legendary drama this week (in fact, if you're a drama connoisseur like we are, you probably already heard about it), but we've got lots more, including the "Tauren or a mouse" quote above, and the usual weekly requisite of ninjas and loot drama. Good times, as always.

For more drama, downed, and recruiting, news, click the link below. And don't forget to send us your tips -- wowguildwatch@gmail is the address. Whether you're tipping us about a great down your guild did, or a hilarious forum thread you saw on your realms' forums, we want to read it all!


  • So we have a possible lead on the couple that split from Illuminaughty on Muradin a while back -- as with all of these drama tips, we should note that this is anonymous and rumored. Apparently a couple recently joined up to Exiled on Aerie Peak-H, and they brought with them 80 Hearts of Darkness, and a whole spread of epic gems, patterns, and all kinds of other stuff that probably belongs in a guild bank somewhere. Of course we can't be sure this couple pulled a ninja, but how else do you walk away from a guild with 80 Hearts of Darkness? When asked why he had so much of this stuff, the guy said he used to be the GM of a guild on another server and that he had "taken what he thought he deserved."
  • Raid ID: stolen. Evidence: posted to Flickr. Normally, we'd just laugh about this, but according to Blizzard, this is now a offense against the ToS. So we'll have to see if Virulent on Naz'ghul-A is the first guild to get banned from the game for nabbing another guild's raid ID.
  • This is funny: you know your guild needs something better to do when your idea of a fun Saturday night is to reroll Gnomes on another realm and make fun of people's gear. Not that a Gnome laughing at your gear should bother you so much (if a Gnome ever says something to you you don't like, aren't you just supposed to punt them?), but seriously, Original Sin of Spinebreaker, don't you have some bosses to down or something? Sudoko is a funny guy, though. "Are u a Tauren or a mouse?" And the thread turns into some serious forum flaming on page 2 -- wear your fire-retardant suit and bring the popcorn, but don't bother cooking it first.
  • Unfortunately, the thread got deleted, but lots of you sent us the "Negotiating a /gkick" thread where the pic above came from (click to see full). Fortunately, discussion continued in another thread, and you can catch most of the story on the various reproductions of the original thread found around the net (and huge thanks to Lysdexia on Skullcrusher for his hard work in making sure this got archived for posterity): Geraard got /gkicked from a guild, but didn't just want to leave -- he decided he wanted to negotiate a severance package, and went to great lengths to make sure he got what he was worth. The best part? The guild's name is Dude it's a game. And yes, we're hitting this story a bit late (it happened early last week, that's just what happens when you publish a column on Tuesday), but here's a new bit of fun for you: the Ventrilo chat. Enjoy.
  • People in this thread were a little dubious that Theshammie of Chaotic Good on Durotan was actually a ninja -- until the dude who was playing the character showed up, and admitted to both account sharing and blatantly ninja-ing some Void Crystals from a Kara PuG. All is not as it appears, though -- Theshammie shows up on page 2, says he took the Voids because he had to deal with family stuff, and offers to repay anyone who approaches him personally. Sure, it's just Kara, but leaving with loot you're not supposed to have is still leaving -- pass them off to someone else and then log.
  • You've probably heard of this little scam -- someone sets up a bot or just an Auctioneer filter to sit on the Neutral AH and pick up as much as he can for less than 1s, and nabs all of the people trying to transfer items for cheap back and forth. I don't know if it's actually illegal according to Blizzard, but it's kind of a jerk move. And what, you might ask, does Ahanta do with all the money he makes so sketchily? Why, run Gurubashi Arena tournaments. Because that's worth it, right?
  • We're making history here -- this is the first time ever that one piece of drama in Guildwatch has lead directly to another. In page 2 of the Original Sin thread above, someone mentioned (unrelatedly, as far as we can tell) that Pottasium of that guild ninja'ed a trinket off of Gruul, and sure enough, in this other thread, it's proven (and Pot is unrepentant). Some people, it seems, just attract drama, and some guilds, it seems, just attract those people.
  • Try Harder on Area 52 finished off the Illidari Council. Next up: Illidan? They're also recruiting some Resto Shammies.
  • A coalition of Coalition of the Horde and Team CODE (from Burning Blade) downed Solarian. Kael is on notice.
  • Dragon Knights on Area 52 managed to down Magtheridon and Gruul on the same day last weekend for a guild first. We're putting Hex Lord Malacrass on notice for them for next time if they haven't dropped him yet.
  • Adamantium on Zangarmarsh downed The Lurker Below on their second foray into SSC with a one-shot. Hydross is up next.
  • Penultimate Sin (EU The Sha'tar-H) cautiously ventured into Zul'Aman and managed to down Nalorakk on the first attempt with no deaths. That's a flawless victory! They'd only been in Karazhan before -- good luck with the rest of ZA, folks!
  • Evolution on Moonrunner downed Azgalor. They also finished all four chests and nabbed a nifty bear mount. Nice job.
  • Team Hippo on EU Ghostlands finished off Ritual of Souls.
  • Flaming Thunder along with Demonic Intentions and some PuGgers on Velen downed Curator. IIlhoof is on notice.
  • Cthulhu on EU Eonar have recently downed Archimonde and Bloodboil, so "that multi-faced thingy" (we're thinking RoS is what they mean) is on notice.
  • Magic and Mayhem on Echo Isles-A had their first Vashj kill the other week, and then downed her again after the server restart. They owed her a little pain, though -- they've been working on it for a while. Kael is getting a few threatening letters, so he should be down soon. They also think you can't walk around calling yourself 4/5 and 5/9 when you haven't killed Vashj and Kael yet. Though the attunements were removed for a reason, I tend to agree.
  • Grim Legion of Kirin Tor-H downed Lady Vashj, finally getting that full clear in SSC. TK is 3/4 already, so yes, we're putting Kael on notice for them.
  • Stronghold on Runetotem have been working on ZA lately, and just recently finished off Hex Lord for the first time, and then one-shot Zul'jin as well the same evening. Sometimes it just works, right? They're looking for a few more to go to SSC, including Resto Shammies, Mages, and Druids, but all class and specs are welcome.
  • Medieval on Kul Tiras downed High Warlord and Supremus on their first night in BT. They're also currently recruiting Pally tanks geared for T5 instances.
  • Entropy on Bloodhoof, after suffering a guild-bank ninja'ing leader and four months of regrouping, have made it back into BT to topple Illy D himself. Very nice comeback, and grats.
  • Knights of the Shadows on Kalecgos-A has gone back to finish up the T5 content, and successfully downed Kael'thas! Archimonde is on notice for next time. Recruiting: Resto Druid, Prot Pally, Holy Priest, Affliction Locks, and a Resto Shaman for more T6.
  • T H U N D E R of EU Kilrogg downed both Morogrim Tidewalker and A'lar this week. Leo is on notice for next time.
  • Reverb on Anvilmar downed Al'ar, leaving only one boss left in TK to kill.
  • Original from EU Shadowsong took down the Eredar Twins less than a month after their Felmyst kill. M'uru's on notice for next time.
  • The Wolverines on Malygos-H have downed Rage Winterchill on their last two expeditions into Hyjal, which also happened to be their first two times in. Anetheron is giving them trouble, so we're putting him on notice for next time. They're also accepting people into the guild on a case-by-case basis, apply if interested.
  • Two Percent, alongside raiding partners Midnight Bunny Brigade, fresh off their first downing of Hydross in SSC, set foot into Mount Hyjal for the first time and downed Rage Winterchill before the end of the evening. Grats!
  • Undeniable of Dark Iron has killed Illidan. Farming of Hyjal/BT to commence, and then it's on to Sunwell before the expansion!
  • Our tipster recently joined Wasn't Even Close on Vashj-H, and says he always wondered what the name was about -- until they ran up against Zul'jin. While they thought it might be a wipe at first, in the end... it wasn't even close.
  • Relentless on The Scryers-A (with the help of some friends) slaughtered Doom Lord Kazzak for a guild first. Doomwalker is on notice!
  • HongKong (Aman'thul-A) says they downed the Council and "you know which council. We're now prepared!" We don't? The U.N. Security Council? The Public Broadcasting Council? The American Council of Education? Which one?!?
  • Resolute is a newly formed Horde guild on EU Blade's Edge are looking for mature, friendly, stable players to level with us in anticipation of raiding in WotLK. They're a reroll guild, so if you have the dedication to go 80 levels with them, look them up. They've got a fun TS channel, raids around 21:30 server, and so far, a total lack of drama.
  • Vita Eternus on Llane-A is recruiting Mages, Locks and Priests to finish off Hyjal and Black Temple (they're working on Bloodboil). Apply on the website.
  • Wayward Mercenaries LLC on Exodar-H is a laid-back guild of RL friends that is merely needing a few warm bodies to start up Karazhan on a regular basis. Please have Vent installed, Omen's a plus and be mature and ready to have fun raiding. Off specs are very welcome.
  • Knights of Midnight on EU Dragonblight-H is working through the 10mans in anticipation of Wrath -- they would rather run a tight-knight group of folks rather than blow their way with a big group through the 25mans. They've got vent, roll on loot with priority given to certain talent specs, and are seeking a Shammy to fill out the roster, but any class worth an exception will get it.
  • All Nuke Skull on EU Anachronos (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) are a brand new guild dedicated to raiding. Healers are especially needed (losing a few to logging out was what cut their Kara raid short earlier this week), so if you have some reasonable gear and want to raid up to 3-4 times a week, look them up.
  • Cake or Death of Bronzebeard-A is looking for raiders to head with them back up to SSC and TK, and eventually beyond. Put an application up on the forums if interested.
  • Vastrungen University on Moon Guard-H is looking for RPers who wish for a great IC (in-character) environment. We have IC classes starting soon, and events coming even sooner.
  • Sword of Azeroth on Undermine-A is still actively recruiting. They've just started SSC and need a few more regular raiders to keep moving forwards.
  • Sinner Among Saints is currently in need of skilled and well-geared players with a love of raiding. They raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, and Sunday, and need Feral Druids, all Pallies, Shadow Priests, Enhance Shammies, all Warriors, and Affliction Locks. Hit up the website to join.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the strange case of Rob Parkins, and the Robin Hood of Gurubashi. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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