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Verizon pushes Motorola ZN4 to October, Nokia 7205 to next year?

Chris Ziegler

Jeebus, Nokia, what's going on with your stupid flip phone over there? Not to harsh on you too much -- we love you, really we do -- but we're not exactly talking about an N96-caliber device here. If an updated view of Verizon's Mobile Email launches is accurate, it seems that the launch of Nokia's CDMA-equipped 7205 will now come no earlier than January of 2009, which would put it a full year after the first spy shots leaked. We also see here that LG's VX5500 and VX8360 are both tracking for late October, while the mysterious VX9600 should be hitting in November if all goes well. From Motorola, the VU30 has been pushed out to the end of this month and the MING-esque ZN4 is looking like it's trying to break out in time for Halloween. Samsung is offering the u810 global phone later on this month, while the u650 "Sway" sneaks in somewhere in October. Altogether a promising autumn for Big Red's dumbphone line -- but we've seen enough date slips at this point to be fooled into believing there won't be a few more.

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