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French magazine offers evidence of Leica D-LUX 4, C-LUX 3


Sure, you can always save a few bucks and get the Panasonic equivalent to a Leica camera, but Leica fans are a pretty particular bunch, and they'll no doubt be pleased to see the company's new D-LUX 4 camera pictured above, which is apparently Leica's version of Panasonic's 10.1-megapixel LX3. What's more, if you look closely above, you'll also see a mention of a hereto unheard of C-LUX 3 model, which is supposedly Leica's take on Panasonic's compact FX37 camera, and an update to the its own C-LUX 2 model. Of course, none of this is quite official just yet, but it seems like we should be hearing more from Leica soon if it is, in fact, legit.

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