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Pictures of OS X 'mod-chip' EFi-X in the wild


In June, Mat wrote about the EFi-X, the internal USB-dongle that claims to allow a user to install OS X from a retail disc onto a non-Apple PC. Essentially the EFi-X is a mod-chip for certain Intel motherboards that will trick the Apple Retail discs into thinking that the hardware is Apple-sanctioned.

The product was delayed several times, and there is some debate in the hackintosh community over the ethical bona fides of the device (because there are claims, unproven as far as I can tell, that the device uses technology developed by the community), not to mention its legality.

Well, there are now reports that the product is in the wild and in the hands of at least three users. In the InsanelyMac forum, two members have reportedly received the device. The first user, who took the time to take un-boxing pictures, has not had success getting the device to boot on an unsupported MSI board (this is the list of supported motherboards), but another member claims to have the device working on his ASUS board (also not supported) without any problems.

The Incomplete News Project also has some unboxing pictures, with testing results still to come.

The complicated legal circumstances surrounding this device likely means that anyone in the US may have to buy one from an international dealer, or more realistically, contact someone in one of those countries to purchase and then send them the dongle (much like the early mod-chip process for the original PSX, you know, not that I got my friend's brother to import one of those from Taiwan for me or anything *cough*).

This is an interesting device. If it works as claimed, it could be a cool product for hobbyist builders who want to dual-boot a truly stellar system without the limitations of a Mac Pro or iMac.

[via Engadget]

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