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The Daily Grind: Is WoW changing due to WAR?

With Blizzard's announcement yesterday that they were opening up PvP realms in World of Warcraft to accept character transfers from PvE realms, many feel that the move was purely out of concern for losing PvP players to the upcoming launch of Mythic's Warhammer Online. WAR is definitely geared more towards PvP fans, offering the ability to level up via PvP without having to touch regular "kill-x" type questing content. Of course, with a shiny new world based on the Warhammer pen & paper legacy, many people are choosing to do those quests anyway simply for the sake of exploring this strange and deadly new world. Sure, World of Warcraft has Wrath of the Lich King coming, but many are feeling burned out in the face of their raiding and PvP epics getting replaced by greens again shortly after starting in Northrend.

So this morning we thought we'd ask you; do you think that this is an attempt to keep their PvP players, as many believe? Is this simply Blizzard trying to offer more value to their current subscribers? If you opted to leave WoW to head for Warhammer Online, does their PvE to PvP transfer announcement do anything at all to make you reconsider your decision?

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