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Dell's E4300 and E4200 Latitude laptops available this Tuesday


Hey, remember those totally slick Latitude E4300 and E4200 13.3- or 12.1-inch laptops we told you about last month? Well if you've been itching to get your hands on one, they're going to be available very, very soon (September 16th, that is). If you'll recall, these little dudes boast Dell's new Latitude ON feature, the SplashTop-esque, instant-on desktop that gives you quick access to Firefox and a handful of other Linux-based apps. They also happen to tread that fine line between geek-lust design and hard-nose business machine guts. The systems will be available with Core 2 Duo CPUs, DDR3 RAM up to 8GB, hard drives up to 250GB (or a 64GB SSD), WiFi, and sport 1280 x 800 widescreen displays. Hit the read link for more details, and make sure to double check your account balances.

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