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Hotels feverishly upgrading rooms with HDTVs, casually forgetting HD programming

Darren Murph

Surely you've noticed this by now if you happen to end up in hotels often -- there's an HDTV there on your wall, thought nary a single HD channel appears when you flip it on. It's an unfortunate trend that's sweeping the lodging industry, as more and more chains cave to the pressures of having sexy, thin TVs all while disregarding the need for HD programming. Of course, most are playing the cost card as the reason why they have yet to offer up any HD channels on those wasted HDTVs, although not all hope is lost. At Hilton, you can expect each and every room to have a flat-panel TV and HDTV service by June of 2009, and LodgeNet, which began offering high-definition service in 2005, expects to keep up the good work in the future (though no definitive numbers were given). Please, travel venues -- don't force us to watch stretch-o-vision while away from home.

[Thanks, Ben]

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