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AT&T's version of the Samsung Omnia actually the "Mirage," coming next month?

Chris Ziegler

We're hearing that AT&T dealers are now being briefed on the upcoming Samsung i907 -- a phone that we'd like to believe will approximate the appearance and power of the i900 Omnia released overseas, though details are still slim on exactly what form its American cousin's going to take or what capabilities it'll offer. Whatever it is, though, current estimates have it available for order on October 7 as the "Mirage." In other words, yes, go ahead and kiss that Omnia name goodbye -- and really, "Mirage" seems like a perfectly fine name, as long as AT&T isn't trying to imply that it disappears as you get close to the launch date. More details on this one just as soon as we get 'em.

[Thanks, Bill]

Update: As we mentioned above, we're not sure exactly what the Mirage is -- so we wouldn't necessarily bet the farm on an Omnia clone here.

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