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Fictional WoW terrorism plot detailed

Kyle Horner

Just how would terrorists plan an attack through an online virtual world like World of Warcraft using actual game lingo to mask their true intents? This isn't the premise for an episode of 24, although the writers of that show may want to start taking notes. Pentagon researchers have been trying to answer this premise and recently revealed a possible scenario, which comes off as even more absurd. Apparently, terrorists could use character names such as "WAR_MONGER" and "TALON238". Their primary form of coded chatter would be in-game World of Warcraft lingo. These digital terrorists discuss the "Stonetalon Mountains" where the "White Castle" resides, which they plan to attack with a recently acquired "Dragon Fire" spell.

The entire idea is questionable at best and outright dumb at worst. What's even more stupifying is that most of the WoW terminology isn't even correct. So now we're dealing with wild-eyed, out of touch researchers who can't even do their jobs correctly. Besides, everyone knows the terrorists would just use Vent servers anyhow.

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