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Net Insight holds live 3D telepresence demonstration, shows it on video

Darren Murph

While this wasn't the only live 3D broadcast going on at IBC2008, we couldn't resist passing along a video of this one in action. Net Insight was at the show demonstrating a live 3D telepresence setup using a 1.5Gbps connection. From Stockholm (the show floor is in Amsterdam), a company employee was able to wave and communicate in real-time in stunning 3D. The kicker? No funky goggles were required to see him, and while you needed to stand pretty much directly in front of the display in order to get the full effect, we can't help but be wowed at what went on here. Seriously, check out the video in the read link and imagine watching a movie in this manner in your own home. It's good stuff, we promise.

[Thanks, Tommie]

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