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Netflix CFO doesn't anticipate Blu-ray to greatly impact sales

Darren Murph

We've already heard Netflix CEO Reed Hastings say that the firm's DVD business was still good for the next decade, but CFO Barry McCarthy clarified its position on the sector by touching on Blu-ray adoption and online streaming. When asked about the significance of BD on its business, the exec casually replied that he "didn't anticipate a big impact," noting that thus far "consumer adoption has been slow." His sentiments match pretty well with sales figures, and until player prices dip into the sub-$200 realm, we don't see the situation changing much. Regarding online streaming, he asserted that its service would "outpace competing services such as's video-on-demand offering despite a smaller inventory of titles," and in fact, it would be used as a key ingredient for hooking new subscribers. Read the whole spill in the link below.

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