New Blu-ray research says more of the same

The latest Blu-ray research from The NPD Group pretty much mirrors everything else we've heard through the course of this year: BD adoption hasn't skyrocketed since the demise of HD DVD. That being the case, Blu-ray is making gains in the industry, as some 45% of surveyed HDTV owners now claim to "be familiar with Blu-ray Disc," up from 35% a year ago. It's also noted that just 6% of all respondents stated that they were aiming to purchase a BD player, but the firm did find "purchase intent to be higher [9%] among the growing population of HDTV owners." We know, the general public is still generally satisfied with vanilla DVDs, but we still maintain that BD will have its day just as soon as prices sink down to more acceptable levels.

[Image courtesy of TheDigitalBits]