New research looks at Blu-ray awareness across the globe

It's something we've all been wondering about, and now we've got the numbers to satisfy our curiosity. Interpret has surveyed groups from a variety of regions around the globe in order to see how high (or low) Blu-ray awareness is now that it stands alone as the sole next-generation HDM format. Unsurprisingly, the UK and US were tops in knowing what's what at 56- and 60-percent, respectively, while Japan checked in at 45-percent; both France and Germany notched percentages that were slightly lower at 49-percent and 30-percent. Also of note, data from the UK and Japan showed that consumers that already own HDM players were still purchasing standard-definition DVDs at a higher rate than HD DVDs / Blu-ray Discs, but the opposite was (just barely) true for the US. Nothing too earth-shattering here, but check out the read link if you're lusting after some fun figures to toss around at the water-cooler.

[Via Audioholics, image courtesy of TheDigitalBits]