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Zivio Boom hands (and ears) on


At first glance, the Zivio Boom seems like a novel approach to the Bluetooth headset problem, but as we experienced, it's actually a little less pleasure and a touch more pain. The design and packaging of the product are highly stylized and sufficiently handsome to be sure, but once you get down to the meat, this peripheral leaves quite a bit to be desired. In our tests, not only was the sound quality of the earpiece far below the standards you'd expect from a product in this price range ($129.95), but the general design of the Boom is lacking in many regards. Firstly, the ear-clip is held onto the device by a magnet -- and not a very powerful one at that -- which renders the component largely useless. The headset does an okay job of staying on with the varying size bud attachments, but it still felt a bit heavy without hanging it off of something. All of that might be surmountable were it not for the abysmal sound quality we experienced. The thin, telescoping microphone seemed like it would do a better job at picking up audio than a standard Bluetooth headset, but it didn't hold up next to Jawbone's offerings, and the fragility of the metal makes it seem like we're only a day or two away from cashing in the warranty. The reception quality wasn't any better -- we literally had to ask a friend of ours if they were speaking through a towel. Both on the receiving and transmitting ends, we found the Boom to be a disappointment. There's no question that this is a good looking device -- just not one that we can really recommend.

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