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Capcom creates retro-mazing Mega Man 9 'packaging'


Your eyes are only slightly deceiving you. What you're looking at sadly isn't some sort of amazing, limited edition retail release of the upcoming Mega Man 9 for WiiWare, PSN, and XBLA; it's actually amazing NES-era replica packaging for the game's press kit, right down to an NES cartridge turned CD case.

Both the box and cartridge sport the wonderful, intentionally awful MM9 art first seen on Capcom staff T-Shirts at this year's E3. These asset discs are intended for members of the press, but, obviously realizing that it had created something destined to be the object of unbridled fanboy lust, Capcom is considering releasing 200 or so to the public via its online store, along with a voucher for the game download.

[Update: Thanks to Capcom's Seth Killian for sending along much nicer shots of the packaging – check out the shrink wrap and oodles of goofy text! – which you can view by clicking on the gallery links below.]

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