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Some lived a Life with PlayStation ... briefly

Jason Dobson

It appears that someone at Sony proper forgot to drink their morning coffee and accidentally threw the wrong switch, resulting in a handful of lucky insomniacs getting an early glimpse at the PS3's oft-delayed news-and-weather-service, Life with PlayStation. Sony's answer to the Wii's weather and news channels, which utilizes Google data to display real-time data, was originally expected to drop in July before being delayed on a pair of occasions, most recently earlier this month.

According to Sony, the application was posted for public download during testing "temporarily, by mistake," allowing pictures like the one above to be captured and posted online. As for when the app will get a proper release, Sony is only saying that an announcement will be made "shortly." For now, it seems that we'll have to go about getting our news and weather info the old fashioned way: by rolling our chairs over to the computer.

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