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Video: Gears of War 2's 'Weapons of War'

Dustin Burg

Fresh off Epic Games' editing room table comes the second new Gears of War 2 video featurette. The first video was all about the sounds of Gears 2, this second video is all about the weapons you'll be using to dish out death come November 7th.

Check out the six minute "Weapons of War" video (embedded after the break for your convenience) to get learned about all the new and upcoming Gears 2 weapons, including the new Mulcher, Scorcher, Gorgon and witness some new bloody awesome executions including the Torque Bow head pop. Speaking of the Bow, Epic added extra dialog for the two second detonation delay (nice!) and be sure to look for the new detonation effects. Extra credit to those who can spot the new achievement progress screen and crazy awesome Predator-like enemy. He's the evil dude you see above ... how delicious!

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