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Wii fans' wish come true: Nintendo Fun Center in action


WiiHacks forum moderator ModderMan recently took his kid to the hospital for a broken leg, and discovered one of the Starlight Foundation Fun Centers made specifically for hospitals. We're sure he paid appropriate attention to his son and all, but the calling of, uh, someone who cares a lot about the Wii cannot be ignored.

While he was unable to figure out how to open up the unit, ModderMan took video footage of the device and its interface instead. The selection of games ranges from the expected Nintendo hits to things like Elebits and Zack and Wiki, whose release Nintendo apparently noticed!

He also inspected the inside of the unit with the aid of a flashlight. The biggest revelation here is that since there are 20 games on the device, and since one of the USB slots was occupied, there's probably a hard drive at work here. In a Wii. But this probably has as much to do with the development of retail Wiis as those hotel systems did with other Nintendo systems.

[Thanks, Eoin!]

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