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Gamestop VP: Wii supplies looking 'much, much better' for holidays

Kyle Orland

Remember way, way back (two weeks ago!) when GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo said there was no "near-term end in sight for Wii shortages"? Well, one of his employees, VP of Merchandising Bob McKenzie, seem to have a decidedly different take on the problem, telling MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo that the Wii supply situation this holiday season will be "much, much better than it has been the last two years."

While not directly contradicting his boss, McKenzie seemed much more hopeful about the supply of systems for the crucial months ahead. "I can't say we will be in stock every day throughout the holiday season," he said, "but I can tell you that the current flow we've seen coming from Nintendo on Wii hardware makes us very confident that we will meet the business model that we've got."

What's a potential Wii owner to do with these conflicting messages? We recommend playing it safe by taking a large tub of beef jerky and a few gallons of bottled water to your nearest GameStop and refusing to leave until you get the thin, white system you crave. It's a foolproof plan -- but when the police ask, tell them you came up with it yourself, OK?

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