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Spirit beast pet family on Wowhead (Updated)

Matthew Rossi

Over on Mania's Arcania, sharp-eyed commenter Goofball Jones noted an interesting tidbit: there's a new family of pets on Wowhead's WotLK site. Spirit Beasts. What do they look like? No clue yet, but one commenter noted the new skins for cats in Zul'Drak and posted a tantalizing screenshot from

Now, I'm not a hunter nor do I play one on TV, but I do note, looking at their abilities, that they appear to have cat family abilities save for replacing Rake with Spirit Strike, an arcane damage ability. While that makes poster Mattias's theory make sense to me that it's one of the cats from Zul'Drak, it's hardly conclusive.

That's pretty much all I know to date. The family exists on Wowhead and has a very similar ability spread to cats. I now await hundreds of hunters running around taming everything that might even remotely be in this family for feedback. Keep an eye on Mania's Arcania as I'm sure news will break there first.

(And thanks to my lovely wife for the tip and encouragement... we'll go with encouragement... to post.)

Updated: Yes, that is a spirit beast. Kudos to Mania and her readers for solving the issue.

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