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Speed Racer DVD Digital Copy not iTunes-friendly

Cory Bohon

Sam, an avid TUAW reader, emailed us about a recent DVD purchase he made. You may ask, "what's so special about that?" Well, he bought a copy of Speed Racer that was supposed to contain an iTunes Digital Copy.

As you can see in the pictures he emailed us, the outside of the DVD box says it is PC/Mac compatible and works with iTunes. When he got home and opened it up, however, inside the box it says that it is "Not compatible with Apple Macintosh or iPod devices." He even tried it to see if it would work, but alas it didn't. Be sure to take a look at the pictures in the second half of the post, and you can get an eyeful of this strange decision that Warner Bros. made.

Do you think Sam should be able to get a refund for this mistake? We certainly do! Has this happened to you? Be sure to sound off in the comments!

Thanks for the tip and pictures, Sam!

As you can see in this picture, WB says "NOT compatible with Apple Macintosh and iPod devices."

On the outside of the box, WB lists the compatibility options for the Digital Copy. Note that it says, "Compatible with iTunes and Windows Media devices" and lists Mac requirements for compatibility.

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