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One Shots: Creative RvR

Along with many others, many of the team here at Massively have been enjoying tearing things up in RvR combat. That's why this particular screenshot made several of us chuckle when we saw it. This One Shots comes in to us today from Pablo, who says simply that he calls this shot "how to flag your enemy." Of course, if there was a Dwarf sitting there flipping us off in RvR, we'd probably just try to kill him regardless. The principle of the thing, you know.

If you've been playing Warhammer Online, or for that matter, any MMO that isn't Warhammer Online, we'd love to see your screenshots! Just bundle 'em up and send them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with a quick description and whatever other info you'd like for us to have about you. (Character name, guild, server, etc.) It's more fun when we have lots of different screenshots to choose from!

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