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DirecTV goes public with The 101 fall lineup

Darren Murph

We won't come close to saying that a dedicated HD channel is reason enough to make the switch to DirecTV, but if you've been teetering, have a look at what you'll be seeing / missing out on this fall. The satcaster has just unveiled its fall lineup for its exclusive The 101 channel, and before we go any further, let us emphasize that each and every show mentioned will be delivered sans commercials. As you well know by now, the third season of Friday Night Lights will begin on October 1st at 9:00PM ET / PT, and for fans of that, they'll surely dig the companion show Live From Dillon. DirecTV is also planning new seasons for Supreme Court of Comedy and Rock & A Hard Place, and it's even bringing a sneak preview of the new original series from Starz Entertainment, Crash. Not bad DirecTV... not bad at all.

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