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High Voltage doesn't like Friend Codes either


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News flash: High Voltage isn't a big fan of Nintendo's cumbersome Friend Codes system. The developer behind The Conduit recently replied to an email about the latest news that the game could support the system, stating that High Voltage feels "the same way" about Friend Codes and that if "there is any possible way for us to get around this system," they would. In fact, they even point to the system in Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 as "ideal," and if Nintendo allows them a similar exception as they allowed EA, they'd go for it.

Well, here's to hoping we don't have to put up with Friend Codes, but we honestly don't see why the game wouldn't. Nintendo isn't going to openly admit their system is broken, after all, and allowing High Voltage to incorporate their own system could be a slight admission of such.


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