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Samsung cameraphones to sport Scanbuy 2D barcode solution

Darren Murph

While Samsung's latest cellphone-related release doesn't pack quite the excitement as what T-Mobile unveiled yesterday, those obsessed with ultrathin lines packed together in the shape of a rectangle will be thrilled. Said mega-corp has landed an agreement with Scanbuy that will preload the ScanLife mobile 2D barcode application on an unspecified number of Samsung's cameraphones. The program enables the handsets to easily read and digest EZcodes and other major 2D barcode formats, and while you're probably envisioning some sort of warehouse scenario right now, the possibilities for on-the-go marketing are nearly endless. Expect Scanbuy-equipped Samsung cellies to go on sale in Spain, Italy, and Denmark as early as next month, with availability in other major markets to follow suit shortly.

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