T-Mobile G1 launch day roundup

Sure, our front page got stacked with news on the launch of the world's first Android phone -- the G1 -- but if you missed any of the action (and there was quite a bit), we've put together this helpful roundup. Below you'll find an easy-to-use guide to all the goings-on about the T-Mobile device, complete with galleries and videos that will delight and enthrall any healthy viewer. Keep an eye on this post as we'll be updating with a few other bits and pieces today that you'll most definitely want a look at.

Update: We've added a link to our initial impressions, a more detailed look at the device and software.

The liveblog:

Live from T-Mobile's Android event in New York City

Hands-on coverage:

T-Mobile G1 first hands-on (updated)
Video: Android walkthrough on T-Mobile G1

Product announcement:

The T-Mobile G1

In-depth / details:

T-Mobile's CTO on G1 unlocking and tethering -- plus a few details you might have missed
T-Mobile soft capping 3G data at 1GB per month
Confirmed: T-Mobile G1 has no 3.5mm headphone jack
T-Mobile G1 site goes live for real, first ad appears
T-Mobile G1 has push Gmail with Google Talk presence
T-Mobile G1 impressions: what we love, what we don't