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Bungie's Halo 3 campaign teaser: Your theories

Justin McElroy

We were combing through our tips box, as well as the comments on our post about Bungie's new Halo 3 teaser, and we couldn't help but notice all the theories being generated by our talented and attractive gaggle of readers. Now, for your enjoyment, (and with some limited commentary from us) we present some of our favorite theories.

Reader Jerry emailed us with a detailed analysis, concluding: "You're going to be playing as one of the ODST troops in the pods that you see and the campaign expansion will cover from the time the chief leaves earth in halo 2 until the end of halo 3."

Yeah, that's great, Jerry, but it's just so ... practical. You're not thinking crazy enough for us.

Sloar said: "It's a new WALL*E game! Yes! Thank the gaming gods!"

That's more like it! Not bad, Sloar, but THQ still has the license, as far as we know. Sorry.

Michael B. guessed: "It could be the playable game version of or similar to the Halo comic series where that civilian guy is on Earth when the Covenant invade looking for the key."

... Are you thinking of Masters of the Universe?

From Bill: "leave it up to bungie...gotta love it, im thinking tactical shooter, the HUD reminded me of GRAW, but you never know with bungie"

We like Bill, because he leaves plenty of room for error. Even if he's wrong, he's totally right.

According to DeLarge: "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAHHHWWWWWRRRRR Keep It clean"

A good point, and one well worth considering.

Stevo sayz: "This has to be a campaign expansion to Halo 3. Think about it-- they added achivements with skulls-- you don't put skulls in Multiplayer Maps. Master Chief is found in space and returned to truly Finish the Fight."

We're fundamentally with you, but campaign expansion doesn't necessarily mean the fight finishing has to be handled by the Chief.

It's j.howlett!: "uhmm. while the military deals with the crisis you clean up the mess like in wall-e"

Seriously, guys. THQ. Licensing. Let it go.

beckerist posits: "I think it could be a map pack, a true map or story editor (hence the need for "keep it clean,") or maybe just maybe an expansion pack (new campaign levels!!!)"

Way to narrow it down, champ.

Gabriel says: "It's ODST or Spartans we didn't know about before. It's not going to be Master Chief, because he doesn't have a drop pod at his disposal in the situation we find him in at the end of Halo 3."

Solid logic, but don't count the Chief out just yet. This is, after all, the same dude that rode a bomb through space just for kicks.

So sayeth amarillopollo: "Looks like they're gonna package some Acid with copies of the game to enhance the experience."

Insane, but you know what? That's outside the box. We like it.

DXEndar speaks: "It's the new Halo 3 MMO !"

It's really not.

Easo wrote: "The covenant, or whats left of it, is on earths side. My guess is that this is where Earth resumes its war with the United Rebel Front. The white light seen in the trailer is an emp blast. The superintendent shows it on his hud just before it goes blank. "

But can the URF kick their Boren's Syndrome for long enough to fight? We're not so sure.

Ryan knows: "it's a new Starship Troopers Game!!!!"

Case = cracked.

Well, that about does it for reader theories. The one that you guys and gals seemed to keep coming back to was an ODST-focused campaign expansion. Who or what's the ODST, you ask? Well, it's lucky we (presumably) have a few months to kill, because you've got some catching up to do.

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