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Motorola goes after RIM for nabbing employees, too

Chris Ziegler

Moto's bleeding from a lot of places lately -- and the hemmorahging isn't just of the financial sort, either (it actually seems to have those cuts and bruises under control for the moment). Hot off a suit filed against Apple for making off with one of its higher-ups, the company is going after RIM for allegedly hiring away some 40 employees in Florida and the Chicago area since February, which coincidentally happened to be right about the time that things were falling apart in the patent cross-licensing negotiations. Motorola is seeking at least $50 large in damages (way to aim high and put a premium value on your staff there, guys), possibly egged on by RIM CEO Balsillie's brazen comments that he wants to poach "hundreds" of its people. Question is, with the economy in the tank, isn't there enough talent to go around without these types of tactics?

[Thanks, Eric]

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