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PsN ThUrsdAy: ThE BlUe BoMber's WipEout PaRadIse


Yup, random capitalization in titles is still annoying -- especially in game titles.

On that note, it's a big week for the PSN update. WipEout HD makes its debut, along with several other downloadable titles, including Mega Man 9. The PSP gets some games to download and there's several content packs for Buzz! on PS3. Check out the full list after the break.

A list of this week's super-size serving of goodies found in the European PSN update can be found over at PS3 Fanboy.

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Downloadable Games

  • WipEout HD ($20)
  • Burnout Paradise PSN ($30)
  • GEON Emotions ($10)
  • Mega Man 9 (free demo, $10 to buy)
Add-on Content:
  • Rock Band DLC
  • BUZZ! QuizTV Question Pack, National Geographic: Safari ($8)
  • BUZZ! QuizTV Question Pack, Videogames ($6)
  • BUZZ! QuizTV Question Pack, Sci-Fi ($6)
  • Soul Calibur IV Customization Equipment 2 ($2)
Game Demos
  • NBA 09 The Inside
  • NBA Live 09
  • Mega Man 9
Game Videos:
  • PAIN Amusement Park-New Characters Video
  • Resistance 2 Shattered History Trailer
  • Brothers in Arms: Hell' Highway Eyes Only Network Trailer
  • Burnout Paradise Bikes Network Trailer
  • Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #5 Network Trailer
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld Gameplay Network Trailer
  • 88 Minutes Blu-ray Trailer
  • Made of Honor Blu-ray Trailer
PS3 Wallpaper:
  • Soul Calibur IV #5 Tira Witch
  • Soul Calibur IV #6 Voldo Jack-O-Lantern
PS3 Theme:
  • Buzz! Quiz TV
  • Wipeout HD Theme - All Teams #1
PlayStation Store for PC to your PSP:
  • Untold Legends Brotherhood of the Blade ($15)
  • Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords ($15)
  • Pipe Mania Demo for PSP
  • Buzz! Master Quiz theme

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