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First 'Punisher: No Mercy' screens, details revealed

Jason Dobson

Just days after confirming that Frank Castle will return to ventilate bad guys in Punisher: No Mercy, Sony has released the first shots from the upcoming PSN exclusive, confirming that a) it certainly looks the part of an Unreal Engine 3-powered shooter and b) the comic icon could use some work on his aim.

In addition to the screenshot salvo, developer Zen Studios' managing director, Zsolt Kigyossy, also answered a handful nagging questions for the official PlayStation blog, noting that the game will support Trophies and character customization, and will include both single- and multiplayer modes. Additionally, a separate GameSpot report confirms suspicions that the developer is aiming to release the game "in line" with the new Punisher feature film, giving fans of Marvel's seminal badass even more to look forward to this fall.

Source - The Punisher: No Mercy – Your Questions Answered

Source - The Punisher: No Mercy Exclusive Q&A - First Details

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