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LG already prepping a midrange 8-megapixel phone?

Chris Ziegler

Our minds are still positively blown at the mere thought of stuffing eight megapixels of picture-snapping power behind some mediocre optics and wrapping it up in a GSM radio, but LG appears to already be looking forward to a time when this kind of thing is par for the course. has a tiny, blurry shot of a supposed KC780 slider, which tosses out the KC910 Renoir's high style for a homelier look that we can only assume fortells a lower asking price. You get a mere 140MB of integrated storage here -- not bloody much for a phone that's snapping eight millions pixels at a shot -- and iDNES says it's "not clear" yet whether 3G will even be supported, though we'll apparently see image stabilization and face detection in the cam. Low end? High end? What's it gonna be, LG?

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