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Duke Nukem Forever screens hidden in XBLA Duke Nukem 3D

You've soldiered through the entirety of the recent XBLA re-release of Duke Nukem 3D, taking special care to fulfill the game's unique achievement requirements. You receive the standard reward for your hard work and dedication, a 200 point boost to your already impressive Gamerscore -- though you quickly realize with glee that 3D Realms has provided an additional prize for your feat: Two new screenshots for a game that is never, ever, ever coming out.

Yes, unlocking every achievement in Duke Nukem 3D reveals two new screenshots for the title's oft-delayed follow-up in the art gallery. Though some may consider it a stretch to call screenshots from the Duke's supposedly upcoming title "art", we find any sign of life for the highly-quotable shooter utterly refreshing.

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