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Guitar Hero World Tour won't condone your awful cover songs


"We can't condone people putting up covers of music. It's really there for original content." That's the word from Guitar Hero World Tour director Brian Bright, who's well aware that his upcoming game's music creator may also double as a copyright infringer. Speaking to 1UP, Bright explained that uploaded, custom-made tunes will be monitored by Activision and indiscriminately yanked should they contain any suspiciously familiar riffs.

"If there's a licensed song and someone holds the copyright to it, we'll take it down regardless of whether or not someone complains," added Bright. We sincerely hope this gives you pause before you decide to share your unoriginal, ill-advised rendition of "Motel" California with the rest of the world.

Guitar Hero World Tour and its 86 master tracks are out on October 26th.

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