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Age of Conan servers merging, stock hits 2-year low


An MMOG's health is indicated by its server numbers, which means Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is currently ailing. Funcom's new Game Director for AoC, Craig Morrison, writes on the game's forums that server merging, in both Europe and North America, will soon occur.

At one point Funcom announced that AoC had 700,000 players, but that was when the game first shipped and players had a free trial month with the purchase. It's not just the players leaving -- Funcom investors also seem to be looking for the nearest exit. The company's stock is currently trading at $5, which is $20 down from when we checked in late July and $50 down from before AoC shipped.*

*The downward trend was already occuring prior to the current global economic crisis.

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