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GEM becomes Green Eco Mobility, introduces Peapod prototype

Tim Stevens

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While Chevy makes quite a to-do about the upcoming Volt hybrid, GM-cousin Chrysler has quietly continued to produce over 38,000 real, honest to gosh electric cars in its GEM sub-division. In need of a little eco-PR boost, Global Electric Motorcars is re-branding itself as Global Eco Mobility and introducing the Peapod. No, not that Peapod, or that Peapod, but a new Peapod that will travel up to 30 miles at 25 mph on an eight hour charge -- stats that sound suspiciously identical to the company's earlier Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (when not in muddin' guise, at least). But, that car doesn't sport bulbous looks on the outside nor gratuitous iPod integration on the inside (pictured below), which, if you don't have to go far or fast, might make it the perfect accessory for your pod when it enters production sometime next year for an undisclosed price.

[Via Register Hardware]

GEM becomes Green Eco Mobility, introduces Peapod electric car prototype

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