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20 questions about Panasonic's 150-inch plasma

Ben Drawbaugh

Displays larger than 60-inches on non-rear projection HDTVs have yet to become affordable, and the sizes of their big brothers continue to grow and grow. The latest and greatest 150-inch monster from Panasonic is far outside of just about anyone's price range, but that only makes us more interested to learn all about it. Gizmodo recently had a chance to poke and prod for answers, and it came away with quite a few factoids. For instance, this sucker draws 7,000 watts of current, sports a resolution four times 1080p, and it weights as much as our old '88 Honda CRX. But the most interesting answer was the one to the most obvious inquiry: "Why is it 150-inches?" Turns out, it's because of the way plasmas are made -- out of a single, large piece of glass. Panny probably won't sell too many of these, but it shouldn't have too much trouble moving the nine 50-inch plasmas that are made from the same run of glass.

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