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Free server transfers, Halloween fest coming to Star Wars Galaxies

Michael Zenke

Another producer's letter from Christopher "Dotanuki" Field brings amazing news to the Star Wars Galaxies faithful: free server transfers are coming! Here's what the man had to say: "To help address the server population concerns that have been brought up by the community we will be implementing a Free Character Transfer program early next year. I do not have specific dates to announce now, but I do know that it will only run for a limited time. Any transfers made before the program kicks off will not be refunded."

Field goes on to describe the brand-new Halloween event coming to the game. It's slated to run from October 14th through November 7th, and is called "the Galactic Moon Festival." Moenia and Mos Eisley will be redressed for the event, turned into 'haunted attractions.' There are going to be numerous gifts and trinkets associated with the event, including a dramatic house painting for players to enjoy. Jabba is apparently behind the event, and as a result SWG players will get costumes, fog, spiders, gravestones, scarecrows, and much much more. Read through to the letter for full details on this exciting holiday event, and even more on the upcoming Hoth instance!

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