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Poll: Are you intrigued by in-home 3D technology?

Darren Murph

Yet again, this week has delivered two more impressive innovations in the in-home 3D space, and yet again, we're left to wonder if this stuff actually has teeth. We know at least some studios are putting a great deal of cash and effort into 3D technology, but are existing HDTV owners (and to an even greater extent, non-HDTV owners) ready to give this stuff a go? We suppose no-glasses-necessary 3D isn't so annoying, but having to sit almost directly in front of the set to get the experience is hardly more convenient. We know -- anything can succeed with enough marketing, but are you personally intrigued by 3D in the home? Are you champing at the bit to grab hold of more 3D material? Vent away in comments below.


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