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Wii Warm Up: Huzzah!


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Okay, you guys have probably figured out that a couple of Wii Fanboy staffers are enormous fans of Cave Story. I happen to think that it's completely brilliant, and a better game in terms of presentation, control, music, level design, story, and characterization than just about anything else -- and yes, that includes games that are sold for money. Judging from these off-screen videos, the WiiWare version (developed by Nicalis, home of Knytt creator Nifflas! How perfect is that?), is quite faithful except for the music. We'll have to wait before judging that too harshly. In any case, Pixel is getting my money. I still hope he's involved in this port in some way.

Are you guys up for paying money for a formerly free game? What do you hope to see in the "expanded content?" Is anyone out there just discovering the original game as a result of the announcement of the WiiWare version?

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