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Verizon rolls out price increase with Extreme HD rollout

Ben Drawbaugh

You didn't think that Verizon was just going to over double the FiOS TV HD lineup -- and become one of the only wired providers in the country with 100 HD channels -- and keep the price at $48 a month did you? Because if you did, you were being a little naive, as the way we see it, a $10 a month increase for all that HD isn't too bad. Verizon definitely gets points for creativeness on this one though, instead of just raising the rates for everyone, the HD channels we all have grown to love have been moved to the Extreme HD tier, along with all the new ones, which goes for $10 a month -- interestingly there are a couple of SD channels on the Extreme HD tier, which makes no sense to us. But if you think this is bad, just be glad it isn't like DirecTV's HD policy which requires you to pay $10 a month to access the HD version of any channel you already pay for, like the NFL Sunday Ticket or HBO.

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