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Sony Ericsson's new Cyber-shot gets clearer, isn't Kate

Chris Ziegler

Sony Ericsson's purported codenames are a source of endless amusement, because they 1) are virtually always feminine names, and 2) have zero bearing on the final product name. We'd heard that Sony Ericsson was prepping a new Cyber-shot candybar by the name of Kate, and now we're hearing that it's not Kate after all -- but really, it doesn't matter one way or another since it'll be a letter with three numbers after it by the time it launches. The important thing is that we're now seeing much better shots of the alleged 5-megapixel baddie with xenon flash, offering what'll probably be a modernized alternative to the K850. If Sony Ericsson doesn't cancel it first, that is.

[Via SEMC Blog]

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