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TGS 08: Capcom announces US-bound Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Majed Athab

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What's the game that's got Japanese gamers all in a frenzy? It's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G -- the title that's sold over two million copies on the PSP this year in Japan. Fortunately the Japanese are not being selfish and won't be keeping the multiplayer action title to themselves -- it's coming stateside in Spring 2009 and will be renamed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

While Freedom Unite isn't physically at the show, Capcom has another Monster Hunter title at TGS. That would be Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) for the Wii and it has been drawing huge crowds leaving people with hour long waits ... and it's only the first day. An "industry only" day. Just wait until the public comes in on the weekend. We wonder if the success that was founded in Japan will follow across the Pacific? Monster Hunter Freedom games haven't exactly been picked up by Western gamers in the past.

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