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Fixed Alone in the Dark gets new name for PS3

Jason Dobson

Those fixes promised for the upcoming PS3 version of Alone in the Dark are substantial. So much so that Atari and developer Eden Games have decided to rebrand their survival horror romp through Central Park with a fiery subtitle, Alone in the Dark: Inferno. Set for release on November 18, the new version aims to correct many of the annoyances found in last June's release, changes Atari notes were fuelled by media and player feedback, and not -- repeat not -- by a Edward Carnby-shaped totem set ablaze on their front lawn.

Inferno's changes include "quicker and smoother" controls and 360-degree camera control, as well as a "more logical" inventory system, improved car handling and a better tip system. Atari also promises "an exclusive new sequence" in one portion of the game for more "excitement and variety." As for those of you who purchased the fettered Xbox 360 version, we're waiting to hear back from Atari if plans exist to patch that version, or if players should simply get used to watching Edward Carnby roast in a 'technically complicated' fire.

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