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Panasonic's DMP-BD30 Blu-ray player falls to $259 -- are high prices behind us?

Darren Murph

With Panasonic's Profile 2.0 DMP-BD55 Blu-ray player sliding in at $399 (and the BD35 at $299), Panny had to do something with that inflated sticker hanging on its DMP-BD30. When it originally launched back in October of last year, it was one of the fancier decks we'd seen -- evidenced by the $500 price tag. Today, said unit can be had for $259.99 (with free shipping to boot). We know, this is just the natural downward spiral of prices on aged units, but honestly, we think it's more than that. We think the time for lower BD player prices across the board is upon us, and we suspect that'll be magnified on the day after Thanksgiving. Call it a hunch (really, it's a hunch), but we reckon $300 for a Blu-ray player will seem outrageous by Q1 of 2009.

[Thanks, Jason]

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