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TGS 08: RE5's 'Shooter' control scheme lessens strife, adds strafe


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If there was any doubt as to whether the Resident Evil series had abandoned its traditional survival-horror mechanics in favor of a more action-packed horror experience, the appearance of "shooter" controls in the franchise's fifth installment should completely eradicate it. You know, if the fact that the not-zombies drop ammo wasn't enough to convince you.

As hinted at in an earlier producer interview, Resident Evil 5 does indeed have an optional control scheme that is more in line with the third-person shooter genre. The left analogue stick now allows you to strafe to the left and right, with aiming (enabled via the left trigger) and turning assigned to the right analogue stick. The controls are a step away from Resident Evil 4's tank controls and feel considerably more familiar and intuitive.

We're relieved -- and you may be inclined to disagree -- that Chris Redfield and his spirited partner are still unable to move and shoot at the same time. By not entirely giving in to the demands of shooter fans and placing one significant limit on your offensive capabilities, Capcom has preserved the sense of anxiety felt when a monster approaches. Shoot or run? Make the choice!

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