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Activision talks into sleeve, announces Secret Service

This might just be the first time in American history when participation in the presidential election overshadows the viewership of Dancing With the Stars, so it makes sense that a game developer would want to capitalize on all the Head of State hubbub -- enter Activision, and their recently announced, bargain-priced shooter Secret Service. The title will pit you, an agent of the esteemed presidential protection outfit, against a number of inimical extremists who attack Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day.

Very few details about the title were shared in the press release the company just dropped, though it was revealed that the story and level design will be crafted by former Creative Director for Naughty Dog, Daniel Arey. Parties who are interested in taking a few bullets for our Commander in Chief will be able to enlist on the Xbox 360 ($39.99), PS2 ($29.99) and PC ($19.99) when the game hits store shelves "later this year".

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