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Apple releases MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.2

Cory Bohon

With the new MacBook and MacBook Pro computers shipping today and appearing in stores tomorrow, everyone is waiting to get their hands on one. We can't say when you'll get yours, but we can predict exactly what you'll be doing when you get home with it. That's because Apple just released a software update for the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. Seriously, they couldn't have updated them at the factory?

The update is a whopping 45 MB, and is recommended for all users of the "precision aluminum unibody enclosure MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers introduced in October 2008." (Wow, long description there, Apple).

They note that the update "improves compatibility with external displays and includes a variety of software fixes." If you somehow (magically, perhaps?) have your MacBook/Pro already, you can download the update by opening Software Update (Apple menu > Software Update) or by downloading the installer package from Apple's software downloads website.

Thanks for the tip, Thomas!

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