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Konami: 'We're actively looking' into MGS4 on Xbox 360


And here you thought we'd escaped TGS without this rumorang whizzing by again. Oh no, we most certainly did not (duck!). "We're actively looking into a [Metal Gear Solid 4] release for the Xbox 360," a Konami rep told Japanese investment research firm Morningstar for a TGS report published today (in Japanese). Feel free to take that as "no duh" or a renewed glimmer of hope -- Morningstar's report does not include further evidence that Konami is any closer to bringing a MGS4 port to Xbox 360 than when the rumor first appeared ... two years ago!

As IGN notes, the key dilemma is in the discs. How to transfer all that optimized Blu-ray data? And, where to put it?

[Via IGN; thanks Joe!]

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