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Updated 3.0.2 Patch notes from Blizzard


A short time ago Blizzard posted new patch notes on their website for patch 3.0.2. We've updated our post to reflect the new notes, splitting it into Part I and Part II.

Today has been nothing less than interesting. The initial patch notes released with client were woefully incorrect, and then Ghostcrawler announced that many changes we've seen in the classes from the PTR and the Wrath of the Lich King beta will not be immediately available tonight, with some changes not coming into the live game until November 13th.

The repercussion of today's events are not yet known. No one can get into the game to see exactly what things are like. Ideally the severs will be going online in about an hour and fifteen minutes from now. We will keep you posted throughout the day and evening as things develop.

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